Dynamic-Scot – COPD information and monitoring tool

Clinical lead: Chris Carlin and David Lowe

Project manager: Aileen McIntyre


Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are now to be offered remote monitoring and supported self-management. The West of Scotland Innovation Hub has supported the expansion of this new service as a response to COVID-19 challenges.

The patient-clinician messaging facility within the COPD patient app and website allows the community respiratory response team to continue routine scheduled COPD care. 

The West of Scotland Innovation Hub had supported the Dynamic project funded by Innovate UK and in partnership with StormID.  This demonstrated effectiveness in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde patients, showing that this service model can reduce hospital admissions and create efficiency savings for the NHS.

This will now be scaled-up in the DYNAMIC-SCOT project and offered to all patients with COPD in NHS GG&C, with partnership extended by DHI Scotland and supported by Scottish Government.

For more information visit: https://support.nhscopd.scot