Trauma App

Clinical lead: David Lowe

Project manager: Aileen McIntyre


Trauma remains the fourth leading cause of death in western countries, and the leading cause of death for people under 40.  In Scotland’s four Major Trauma Centres, care is delivered by a clinical team, with a leader directing care, and a scribe documenting the case.  The Trauma App aims to replace existing paper forms; tracking the full trauma case and providing cognitive aides to assist clinicians with decision making.

The app also automates reporting and reduces the amount of clinical paperwork, freeing up frontline staff’s time for patient care.

The West of Scotland Innovation Hub has worked collaboratively with Daysix, the Scottish Trauma Network and EMQUIRE through an Innovate UK project to co-design and develop the app, adhering to the ATLS standardised approach to trauma care, and ensuring it integrates seamlessly with other NHS clinical applications.  The agile approach to development and delivery allowed for user feedback to be gathered from all four centres through simulation tests and scenarios; ensuring it meets all clinical needs when it goes live in 2021. 

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